Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shower With Your Baby!

Parents of newborns, you have a great opportunity to bond with your infant by taking them in the shower or the bath with you. An infant receives great tactile stimulation from water streaming over their bodies and down their faces in the shower or floating on their backs in the tub with your support. Time spent in the shower or tub will aid your child in their water acclimatization and help them prepare for later swim lessons. Plus it's just plain fun.

Remember your baby has just spent nine (9) months enjoying life in a warm aquatic world close to mom. Why not rekindle those emotional and physical memories for them by prolonging their exposure to the water? It is also a great time to bond physically with your baby. Let the water run over both of you and enjoy play time together in the tub.

It only takes a few simple steps for mom and / or dad to get started. Worried about baby slipping? Just put a wet towel down on the floor of the tub or shower. Kathy Hubbard has written a great article with some more great tips on how to get your baby acclimated to the aquatic environment. For a printable version of the full article go here.

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