Monday, May 11, 2009

Do You Have Fun At Work ? I do!

Today as we move into a bit of the hectic days of late spring and early summer, I am looking forward with excitement to the opening of our Mesa swim school this week, the opening of our four summer sports camps in two weeks, the summer recreational swim teams and the summer energy that blows in the front doors at the indoor swim schools. As much as I am proud of our curriculum and the quality of our teaching and coaching methods, I have come to the conclusion that I have fun at work not just because of what we do but who I do it with each day.

We are surrounded by an awesome team of swim teachers, camp counselors, managers, and office personnel. It is fun to walk into the swim school or sports camp location and see people having fun at work. Seems kind of rare in today's world, so I have resolved to use this blog to say thanks to our team members for bringing their best everyday. Oftentimes people think about the work we do and do not understand the complexity or intensity of being up for every encounter with a parent and a child. Our goals are to make every visit to Hubbard a scrapbook memory for the children, parents and all of our visitors.

To the parents of our swimmers and campers, I want to say we want you to set your expectations high for your experiences at Hubbard. We may occasionally fall down or miss the target but we do want you to push us to the next level.

To our Hubbard team members, I want to say you rock. Your commitment to each other and the energy and enthusiasm you share with the children and parents in our programs is inspiring. People often ask me where we find our great teachers and counselors. I think quality attracts quality. When people interview for positions here at Hubbard, we run them through a series of interviews with myself, some of our managers and mainly our front line teachers and counselors. You would be surprised by how many people during training elect not to continue with the interview process because they see how hard people work and how much energy and commitment they bring to work each day. They realize that they may not have what it takes to deliver the Hubbard experience to our families, so they self-select themselves out.

So I want to say thank you to all of our staff members. Our goal is that your time here will be the best time of your life. My hope is that every job you hold later on in life, you will hold up against this one. You have my commitment and Kathy's and the rest of our leadership team, Amer, Pat and Otto that we are here to help in anyway we can. Thank you !!!!

Ohhh, I do have to say it is fun to go to work with your spouse everyday. No, seriously, it is!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Karen said...

Loved this post! Congrats on the new school opening -- and to the fine team at Hubbard Family Swim School. - Karen Barr at Raising Arizona Kids magazine