Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Does Pool Safety Start?

To keep your children safe around water, start outside the pool!!!

Safe Kids reports that in 63% of drowning cases, the victims entered the pool through an open or unlatched gate! If you have a pool or even are at a party or visiting a home with a pool, you need to ensure that the pool gate is locked. Do not count on the host to confirm that the gate is locked. If you are at home with a pool that does not have a fence and you have toddlers, you need to either leave or tie your children to your waist so they do not wander away from you.

In more than 75% of the cases of drowning, either one or both of the parents were present at the home. You cannot count on adult supervision when a pool is unsecured.

We believe swim lessons are a vital component to keeping our kids safer around water. But securing your pool from unintended access is the most important step you can take for safety.

Here is the link to the Safe Kids report with these statistics. 

Check out this fun swim safety activity sheet located at the bottom left corner of the Safer Three page on our website!

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Julia said...

Hi Bob! Absolutely agree that providing sufficient and efficient barriers is certainly just one of the things we can to do prevent tragic childhood drownings! Love your work, Julia