Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You!

I started writing the SwimSchoolBob blog a few years ago, experimenting with sharing some thoughts that wandered through my mind in my day-to-day life as a husband,  parent of eight, swim teacher, small business owner and a reader of a wide variety of stuff (Kathy says “junk”).

The response has been so great that we are moving the blog to a legitimate, full-blown but not too fancy SwimSchoolBob web site to host my thoughts and some other things that people have asked me to share --- you know --- the usual stuff like books, movies, music, food, parenting ideas AND some other stuff that may not have anything to do with anything but that I think is kind of fun.

So I invite you to (please) come on over and subscribe to the new SwimSchoolBob blog. By subscribing below, you’ll continue to receive updates with new posts. To visit the new blog and and subscribe to ensure you keep getting these occasional thought provoking blurbs, find it here:


There will be no future updates from this current blog.

Thank you! See you in my new cyberspace.
Bob Hubbard

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